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Q: What is the difference in Eirelander Publishing and Eirelander Group?


A:  We are pleased to report that we have grown considerably since opening our doors in October 2009. To accommodate our diverse arms and still remain intact we have grouped all of our sister sites under the header company Eirelander Group Media Publications- Eirelander Group or EPG for short.


Q: Why does your company use a Gmail address for submissions rather than a web associated address?

      I’m concerned that this might not be legitimate.


A.  Due to the ever changing nature of online publishing and our growing needs, it was decided that the freedom and stability of a major free-based email service was needed for our customers and authors.


Q: How much do I pay to have my book published?


A: Eirelander Publishing is a full-service royalty-based general publisher founded in the concept of traditional publishing. Should we accept your manuscript and offer you a contract, Eirelander Publishing will provide editing, artwork, and aggregate the finished product to our 3rd party sales outlets. We believe that your monetary investments should be in promoting your business as an author and promoting your product (your book).


Q: What are your royalty rates?


A. At this time, we pay the author a royalty of forty-five (45%) percent of the retail download price in United States dollars (USD) on all sales of the electronic format Work sold through the Publisher's website and forty-five (45%) percent of gross less distributor cut on all sales of the Work sold through other vendors, distributors, bookstores, organizations, or other outlets of electronic books that sell the Work in association the Publisher's Name.

 We pay a royalty of ten (10%) percent of retail Print on Demand price (for stories which qualify for Print on Demand) in United States dollars (USD) on all sales of the Print on Demand Work sold through the Publisher's website and seven (7%) percent of gross less distributor cut on all sales of the Work sold through other vendors, distributors, bookstores, organizations, or other outlets of print books that sell the Work in association with the Publisher's Name.


Q: Can I resubmit my book if it was rejected?


A: Yes. You may always revise and resubmit.


Q: How long should I wait if I have not heard back from your submissions department?


A: Three to six weeks is an acceptable time to query about the status of your submission. Please note that outside submissions are CLOSED from November through February to accommodate the holidays and tax season. Inside submissions, including publishing agents, and personal referrals may contact the editor directly.


Q: I’m a new author? Is there someone who can help me navigate promotions?


A: As a full service publisher, we are happy to answer any questions our authors have regarding establishing an online presence. Your success is our success.


Q: I don’t really want to sign a contract. Is there somewhere I can go to get my book edited and buy cover art to self-publish?


A: You are welcome to go to our main company page Eirelander Group Media Publishing to see if one of our sister sites can help you. Alternatively, you may try doing an internet search for a company or individual that meets your needs. LinkedIn and Facebook offers many networking opportunities for talented cover artists as well.


Q: Can I provide my own cover art?


A: We prefer to provide art, however we have occasionally accepted art that was provided by the author. Please note that all cover art will have to be approved by the Art Dept. This is not negotiable.


Q: How long do I have to do my edits?


A: Two weeks is the standard time for edits to be returned back to your editor. If you need more time, please make arrangements with him or her so that proper adjustments can be made to the release calendar.


Q: What are the requirements/qualifications for my book to go into audio?


Q: I don’t have a website. How do I get one without paying a lot of money?


A: There are many Do-It-Yourself website generators out there with reasonable prices well under 50USD a year. Some Authors prefer to use their blogs as a landing site. We do suggest that you have more than simply a Facebook or Twitter account.


Q: How long are your contracts?


A: Three years, which automatically rolls over if the author wishes to remain with Eirelander Publishing. If your book goes into audio, it is locked into contract for the 7 years that Audible sets.


Q: Why don’t you have a store on your website?


A: After much consideration, it was decided that we served our authors better by focusing on publishing and letting our 3rd party sellers do what they do best- Sales.


Q: Do you take many first time authors?


A: Our doors are always open to first time authors. However, acceptance depends on the quality of the work submitted. Even our established authors must provide quality work or be rejected.


Q: Do you need an outsource company or freelance agent for book building, artwork, or audio work?


A: Not at this time. All of our work is done in-house via online telecommuting to keep costs down in order to give our authors the best royalty rate possible. We are looking for a graphic novel artist to be paid a generous royalty share. Audio talent for our sister company Bahn Sidhe audioBooks is auditioned through ACX.


Q: What 3rd party companies do you sell your books through?


Q: How long does it take to publish from contract offer to sale?


A: This depends on how long edits take and the time of year. Ideally, if everything goes well, then a book should be available in around three months.


Q: How often and how do you pay authors?


A: We pay quarterly after the 3rd party sellers have paid us. Please do not expect a daily or weekly tally of sales. This information will be on your royalty report.


Q: Do you take out of print books that have been previously published?


A: Yes. The author may be required to edit the book. We also accept “Legacy” books that are several decades out of print.


Q: I self-published my book. Can I submit it?


A: If you book is already for sale through a 3rd party seller, then we cannot accept the story.


Q: What if my book doesn’t sell?


A: If a book is not selling, we will contact the author and advise them on promotions. If a book does not sell any copies in a year, we may return the rights to the author so that they may pursue other avenues for their work.



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