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Our story began in 2009 as two authors took a long, hard look at the growing opportunities in the online publishing industry and thought, “Hey, this is all great, but it sure would be nice if we could do some things a bit different.”

So, you ask, “What is different about your company?”


Well, first of all, we are a Green Company. This means that we always remember that while our first love is seeing our books in a nice crisp paper copy, our priority is to provide our customers with digital books first. Some of our qualifying larger works do go into print after they have proven themselves with a sale of 50 digital copies.


Second, we also put our books into audio format through one of our sister company, Bahn Sidhe audioBooks, as soon as we can find the proper talent to showcase our author’s work.


Third, and still very important to us, is that we actively look for new unpublished authors who are eager to learn and grow in the craft. This means that our editors are very serious about quality and marketability. We do expect our authors to be able to take our editors advice on edits. Remember, while your work may be your baby, we are putting our name, time, and money behind it.


We try to work with authors who- face it, frequently have one or more jobs and are hard pressed for a deadline. To that end, we keep our publishing schedule flexible and take on only new authors that we can ‘grow’. Your success is our success, so to that end, we encourage our authors to spread their wings and fly. We expect our authors to not only keep writing, but to develop a strong web presence and self-promote their works. In online publishing, promotion is critical to an author’s success.


Founded in 2009, Eirelander Publishing is a hybrid e-publisher/small press publisher with a focus on quality, growth, and dedication to environmentally friendly entertainment. Our goal is to provide readers with a wide range of enjoyable stories that contain exciting plots and diverse characters


We are a royalty paying, full-service epublisher, paying a competitive royalty rate of 30-45%. This means that we do not charge a publication fee. We are not a Pay to Publish Company, and as such, we reserve the right to choose which works are a good fit for us and the author.


Eirelander Publishing is proud to be a Green Company, but we understand the importance of print to our customers and authors. Our Print-on-Demand program is designed to bring the best of both worlds together. Once an e-book over thirty-five thousand words in length sells fifty copies, the book becomes eligible for our Print-on-Demand program.


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